Friday, May 31, 2013

Post 500

I was getting ready to do a mundane post about some Irises I cut from our front yard when I realized that this will be the 500th post on here.  Holy crap...that's alot of updates and stories, most of which no one cares about!  Oh well, I have had fun so who cares.  It will be fun to have documentation of our life at this time.  So many highlights...moving into the house, adopting Allan, family weddings, trips, weekend adventures, sewing projects, and then the big event...the baby!  I will try to put together a highlights post but that will be time consuming and my weekday Ben napping hours are limited.

So, on to what I was going to write about...a few years ago we placed Iris bulbs in the flower bed in front of the house.  They looked very neat and dignified but they are about a year past due to be divided.  I didn't even know you had to divide them until I read an article about irises in my mom's Better Homes and Gardens magazine this spring.  They have all the signs...thinning and dying in the middle of the plant and general huge-ness.  They were alternated with tulip plants and those tulips have been completely overpowered. 

They sure are pretty though!  There are hundreds of blooms out there.  I thought it couldn't hurt to cut a few for a vase.  I love those white fluffy things and the petals.  They have a very intricate bloom.  I wish I could make these last!

That turquoise vase was my gift for being host couple for my brother's wedding.  I love the combination of turquoise and purple.  I tried to pull off that same combination for my own wedding but forces worked against me from many sides and it ended up being a subtle theme. 

We went to check out our garden plot last night.  It looked like a 10x10 foot patch of dirt surrounded by other 10x10 foot patches of dirt.  In a month those gardens will be jungles but for now they are just getting started. 

I don't know how we are going to take care of the garden with this wild man in tow.  Last summer he could be confined to removable car seat and was often sleeping while I watered and weeded and ate my fill of cherry tomatoes. 

I know everyone jokes about leashes for kids but are they REALLY so bad?  I don't want him to run onto the street or something!  I just don't's going to be a challenge for sure.  At least he will be enjoying his beloved outdoors!

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