Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Baby #2

Yes, indeed, it is hard to believe we are having another baby.  Having one baby is a huge transition but having more babies seals the deal...when this happens you really are an adult.  No one hesitates to call a woman 'ma'am" who has a multiple kids accompanying her.  And I think I am past the point of rescue in the shopping from American Eagle and Hollister and many other "young" stores will never look right again.  This is probably a good thing to just move on from since I am thirty now!  It also means YEARS of not being able to drive people anywhere because my back seat will be full of various car and booster seats and also MOUNTAINS of diapers for the forseeable future.  But that's OK...many families do it so we can manage as well.  It is not even an issue when you think about the result of the family you want. 

So, here are the answers to the usual questions and comments...

1.  "Do you know what you are having??  No, not yet.  It is too early.  I won't get an ultrasound until around 20 weeks. 

2.  "Are you finding out?"  We don't know yet. 

3.  "Do you want a boy or a girl?"  I speak for myself here.  I don't know what Justin wants.  I would guess that deep down he wants a boy like I think many men do but he would be happy with either.  Same for me.  Of course I want a daughter but it would be fun for Ben to have a brother so close in age.  Refer to this so adorable Christmas commercial that was on TV this year!

AWww...I want another boy....

But then I go on Pinterest and see stuff like this...

Awwww...maybe I want a girl..awww maybe I don't know! 

  They will be twenty months apart just like my sister and I.  Either way,  they will overlap and be in elementary, middle and high school at the same time, probably end up sharing friends when they are older and be on the same sports teams and in the same activities.  I think this is good. 

4.  "Do you have names picked out?"  No.  When Ben was born we weren't 100% committed to a name when we went to the hospital for his birth so don't expect any early announcements in this area. 

Well, I best be going...Ben just finished eating nothing for lunch.  Well, I shouldn't say nothing...he ate a handful of dry cereal just like he ate for breakfast and about three slices of banana.  He threw a fit in his high chair and now he is eating the cereal that he threw off the floor.  LIGHTBULB!  Maybe I should just clean a little patch of floor for every meal and just let him eat everything that way!

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