Monday, June 3, 2013

Garden 2013

We finally planted our garden at the park district community garden plots this weekend.  We were happy to find out that we were given the same plot as last year, which is nice because it is on the edge and we can drive our vehicle right up to it.  It was cold and windy and we had to wrangle a maniac toddler who kept trying to eat grass and dirt and tear through other people's gardens the whole time but we got it done and Justin returned later to lay grass clippings over the soil to help prevent weed growth.  We planted tomatoes, jalapeno and bell peppers in various colors, onions, carrots and zucchini. 

It doesn't look like much now.  It is hard to imagine that in a month it will have multiplied exponentially in size and productivity.  We put a fence along the end for the zucchini to climb so hopefully it will grow up and not vine out all over the garden. is hard to see them in this photo because of the neighboring plot's fence, but we caged the tomato plants first thing this year in order to avoid a repeat of last year...
I never want to repeat "Tomato Jungle 2012" again.  That was a disaster.  They were no less productive, I guess, but it was a big mess and many tomatoes were lost because they ended up laying on the ground.  Also, we didn't plant as many plants this year.  It is hard not to remember how much one plant can yield when they look so small at the greenhouse. 

We also stopped at a few rummage sales where I came upon a rare find...a large assortment of Fiestaware!  It was $60 for the set and they didn't want to break it up.  Justin was waiting in the car and he wasn't really encouraging of me bringing this huge quantity of dishes into the house since we have no room for anything in here.  Also, I don't think I had $60 in cash with me even if I wanted to get the set.  But now, it still haunts me...a purchase that I should not have left behind.  I just counted the individual pieces and it would have equaled only a few dollars per piece. 

Eeeeehhhh....OK, must stop thinking about it...too sad...especially that cute round covered dish on the second step...I try to reassure myself by reminding myself that I prefer the brighter colors to that apricot pastel but is pretty...
I have a very nice china cabinet which belonged to my great grandparents that is in storage at the farm just waiting for something like this.   One day it will be filled with color!

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