Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Flashback

Guess who?  Hahaha!
AAAAh SCARY!  I don't know why my brother doesn't have a costume on...I think he had stayed home with my dad that night to watch the Twins in the World Series while we were trick or treating...the year was 1987 I believe.


This is from just last year...I wish I had been home tonight to see the trick or treaters!  Last year Allan sat in the window and watched the action and many people said he was cute! 

Today all I did for Halloween was help hand out candy tonight at Andrea's.  Also, it was a huge candyfest at work.  I've had more exciting Halloweens but this one was OK I guess.  The kids didn't need to wear snowsuits out trick or treating so that makes this year stand out in my mind!

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