Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Big Shop

It has been awhile since I have had anything on here about my dad's ongoing farm shop project...I don't think anyone outside my family cares but I know those are the majority of the readers here so this is for their benefit!  This shop is looking fabulous...I think it looks so bright and clean (clean for now, anyway...it is going to be a machine shop after all...)!  It also is cavernous.  It echos and is waiting to be filled with "shop stuff"! 

That is a little office/kitchen room.  That door on the left is going to be the bathroom which is in progress...

That is an 8 foot deep trench for the water line that cut across the farm yard, the driveway, and to the water source at the house.  I only saw that trench after the segment near the house and across the driveway had been closed but before that everyone had to park ahead of the trench in the driveway.  It also really threw the dog off!  He was afraid of it.  The water line to the old shop has always been noticeable because of the healthier, thicker green grass that follows it.  If that happens here that is going to be a long strip of lucious grass!

That lovely pit is for the septic system.  That ladder gives you an idea of how keep the hole is.  I know one thing...it will be great to have a third bathroom on the property!

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