Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Let's Play "The Look For Less"!

I have been thinking about baby room decor lately.  The room is already painted a light blue/aqua color so I think it is going to stay that way.  I thought we could use different accent colors depending on the gender.  I imagined the light aqua with deep jewel tone purple and light pink shades for a girl and maybe the aqua with navy blue and orange shades for a boy.  I like orange as an accent with blue.  I like orange in general but I look really bad in it so I don't wear it. 

I saw this crib bumper in a Pottery Barn kids catalogue...

I like the subtle use of orange and many other colors too!  Very versatile!  It could match many different kinds of sheets.  Sooo...I wonder if I could make a crib bumber?  Haha it seems kind of daunting!  That quilt is cute too, but I am not too worried about having a quilt that perfectly matches the crib since babies are not supposed to sleep with blankets or stuffed toys or anything anymore because of the risk of suffocation.  So any quilts we recieve will be used for general swaddling and snuggling and floor playing (and as cold weather coverage!) at first anyway. 

Also, the floor is wood so we will need an area rug of some sort.  I don't really want anything overly cutesy so it can be used for an older kid as well.  I found this one at Land of Nod, which is the kids' division of Crate and Barrel. 

Some other cute options I found...


This is cute...I am mostly drawn to the colors....I kind of wish it was farm tractors and not construction machines!


The sunrise!  So cute!  The matching quilt features a tree, which I love. 


These colors would match the wall color perfectly!

Ooooh so cute! Very impractical but so cute!

If it were a girl...



Sigh...the girl merchandise is so appealing!  Probably because I am a girl!

The problem is that all this crap is very expensive!  I am drawn to expensive things!  So my challenge is to keep an eye out for similar items at accessible stores...and who knows what I might pull with my sewing machine! 

P.S. I grudgingly looked at JC Penney's website and actually found a few cute crib sets as well but they don't let you copy and past photos I tried to paste a link and it is all messed up!  One had an aqua sky background with tree branches and birds and another had colorful circles...I guess I shouldn't ignore the cheaper places!

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Dana said...

Hint: Baby stuff goes on clearance at the end of January at Target. I got all our crib bedding 75% off (Tiddliwinks)! Granted, I had a million and one Targets to get the complete sets from (a piece here, a piece there). For sheets I just recommend buying the solid color Circo as you will be changing them the most often.