Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dumpster Diving

 Halloween is tomorrow so this weekend was the weekend when many were celebrating.  Andrea had a party at her house which was fine for me since I can't drink anyway.  This doesn't mean that I lacked enthusiasm for a costume, however!  My original plan was to use my graduation robe from high school which is bright orange and go from there.  I was thinking of being a pumpkin or some sort of wizard.  I ended up being a cat...specifically an orange cat named Allan.  I made those ears, the tail, and the furry arm and leg...uhhh...warmers I guess they would be called.  It was pretty cute.  I think the ears look like they are from some other animal but I am not sure what.  I am still pretty proud of that striped tail. I tried to draw stripes like his on my face with eyeliner and the results were pretty mediocre but that's OK. 

On Saturday there was an important Bison game vs. the #2 team in the division.  The Bison were #3.  Well, we won and the #1 team lost somewhere in America so now I think we are #1!  It was a sell out game and I watched from the bar on TV while eating french fries and cheese balls.  It was a pretty wild game.  Everyone was very wound up afterwards and I really wished I could have indulged in the celebration which included a loud sing-a-long at a campus bar and lots of beer swilling and shots. blue Mercury taxi cab was in high demand!

It is always a fun experience to be following a team that is having a successful season.  Sometimes it happens to the MN Vikings (sometimes...), it was always a great time when our home town high school teams were having winning season, and it is happening again to NDSU like it did last year.  It is definitely something to look forward to every weekend and it is almost a certainty that there will be play off games added to the regular season which means more tailgating and fun to be had. 

Regarding the dumpster diving title, I found a treasure on Saturday.  Andrea and I were walking into the bar and we spotted this old chair sitting next to the dumpster.  I don't think it came from the bar (I have been visiting this place since I turned 21 and even before to eat and I have never seen a chair like this in there before).
 I love the vintage style of it and the wood is in good condition.  I examined it quickly to see if there were any deal breaking issues and it seemed fine and not rickety so I grabbed it and dashed to my car and tried to shove it in the trunk.  It didn't fit in my trunk so I had to put it in the back seat which added some complications to my driving services.  It was worth it though.  I can't wait to figure out what I am going to do with this thing.  The seat is covered with vinyl so maybe I will see if I can change it. 

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i <3 your kitten pose