Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Imagine That...Something Cat Related From the Internet...

I saw this a few days ago on this fun website called Buzzfeed.  Buzzfeed is many, many pages of silly things that people might email to each other or put on facebook to entertain their friends.  It is full of funny lists and pictures in different categories.  I especially like the "Rewind" category because it has funny reminders of the 90's early 2000s and of course I love the "Animals" category!  These are currently on there and I have looked at them many times and they makes me laugh every time!  They are diagrams for how to pet a cat and a dog.  Pardon the "F words"...I would not consider the content on Buzzfeed vulgar but it is intended for adults so there is some bad language sometimes.
It's so true about that spot above the tail and the head area!  Allan is not opposed to having his abdominal area petted, although many cats are. 
Haha, yes, dogs will take whatever they can get! 
Speaking of cats, if you have a cat that has grown bored with traditional seafood medley or chicken flavored cat treats you might want to incorporate these into its diet. 

By accident, Allan got one of these baby yogurt bites into his mouth when it fell on the floor and now he is a fiend for them.  If he comes upon a Cheerio or a cereal puff he will eat it but he actually pursues these when he sees the bag.   One for for kitten...haha.

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