Monday, January 14, 2013

Goodbye My Friends!

It was a sad morning for me.  Several of my beloved house plants have been removed from the house.  I really like plants.  I always have even as a child.  It was fun to grow spider plant babies and ivy trimmings by sprouting them in a cup of water.  There is a huge plant at my parents' house that is probably thirty or forty years old that I cared for during high school after my mom decided she didn't want it as a living room fixture anymore.  My room was really bright like a sun room so why not?  And yes, it really is that old!  My grandparents had it for years before my mom took it in the 90s. 

One of the problems with this house (much lower on the list of problems than the closet situation) is that there are not enough places for plants in the sunny windows.  The window sills are not wide like some more modern houses like my sister's.  Now she can maintain some plants! I counted twelve in her house at one time.  I have two small low sunlight plants in the kitchen that don't take up much space and a wacky looking Agave (it's like a cactus) in one of the prime window spots.  This one spends the summer outdoors because it is not really a house plant.  It prefers full sun and heat.   I also have (I say HAVE not HAD because I plan on bringing them back one day!) a spider plant with curly leaves that are a bit different than the standard spider plant, a Dracena (looks kind of like a palm tree) and a "garden in a pot" with several different plants including an ivy that we got as a gift when Ben was born. 

Until Ben mobilized two of the plants sat on the floor where sunlight shines in and one was on an end table in front of a window.  The first to be removed were the two on the floor for obvious reasons.  Recently, curly spider plant had to be removed because SOMEONE figured out that it was there, within his reach, and he became obsessed with tearing the leaves.  All three of them have been on the kitchen table, taking up most of the room not taken up by the center arrangement and the assortment of crap that gets thrown on there when we walk in the door.  We barely had room to eat!

Justin wanted to throw them away, which was NOT happening.  I would not just throw a perfectly healthy plant in the dumpster.  One was a gift!  And I have been nurturing that spider plant since it was just a little baby sprouting roots in a cup!  It finally started growing its own babies within the last few months! 

Last Friday his co-worker got a new desk with a shelving unit attached and she mentioned that she wanted to get some plants.  He jumped at the chance to get my plants out of here.  This morning, he brought them out into the cold one by one.  Sigh...goodbye my leafy, air purifying friends.  I am confident that I will have a place for you someday, a place safe from little baby hands that want to tear you apart and eat you!

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