Saturday, January 12, 2013

10 Months

 This is a few days late but I thought I should commemorate Ben being 10 months old.  I think it will be fun to look back on these posts and see what he was doing.  It's kind of like a digital baby book! Some 10 month old facts...

1. I put a lock on the toilet because all he wants to do is splash around in there.  Gross.
2. Another favorite activity is opening drawers and throwing the clothes over his shoulder one by one and making a huge mess. 
3. He's still obsessed with paper and eating paper.  He can make a spit ball better than any middle school boy. Fortunately he doesn't throw them.
4.  He loves taking baths!
5.  He recently started doing this weird "rearing up" thing as he is crawling around.  It's almost like a puppy or kitten pouncing. 
6.  He figured out that there are items on most surfaces so now, even if he can't see, he reaches up to end tables and arm rests and grabs whatever he can.  As a result, most of our picture frames, coasters, and anything else that would be on an end table is stacked up along the back of the couch.  And my poor, poor plants...I think on Monday they are going to Justin's office for awhile.  Hopefully they can come home soon. 
7.  He has 3.5 teeth on top and still just two on the bottom.  They are sharp!
 8. He says "mama" all the time but I don't know if it is referring to me or if it is just general baby talk!  It is very cute though!
9.  He is very active and energetic.  I don't really have another child to compare it to but everyone who spends time with him says so.  Changing is diaper is really a wrestling match every time.
10.  One night he was in the crib, supposedly falling asleep.  He was quiet so we thought he was sleeping but he was playing with his mobile, which he had detached from the crib and then taken apart.  One morning I thought he was sleeping and when I looked in on him he was awake and had pulled clothes from his laundry basket through the slats in the crib and flung them around.  I can't believe the naughty things he figures out.

 Ben and his wings!

The brothers in one of their power struggles.  Allan doesn't give in and hide when Ben annoys him.  His ears turn a certain angle and he gets a look in his eyes and there is an occasional swat!  I intervene if either of them gets too rough but usually I just see what happens so they learn to get along.  

We got this hand print ornament kit for Christmas.  Since the decorations were getting put away I thought we should get it done.  I was surprised at how big his hands are getting.  The print barely fit in the star!  There was extra dough so we did Allan's paw print too!  Then there was even more dough left so we made little bisons with a mini cookie cutter I got for Christmas!  What will we do with them?  I don't know! 

Oh, I forgot to mention the most important thing that happened this week.  Well, important in the world of this house anyway...I was doing the dreaded evening spoon feeding routine and instead of clamping his mouth shut or screaming Ben opened his mouth to receive the spoon like a civilized baby would do!  Then he had the whole bowl of oatmeal that way!  Finally, some progress on the eating.  I am filled with glee over this! He didn't even smear any in his hair. 

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