Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Frisco Repeat

It has happened again!  Another trip to Frisco has passed and another national championship has been won by NDSU.  Hard to imagine.  It seems like no one takes us seriously up here and now they can suck it!  Hahahaha JK...that was a bit vulgar.

After two trips I have grown rather attached to this rather generic Dallas suburb and its adjacent suburbs.  I love the downtown-ey urban planned shopping centers that are designed to encourage walking and community togetherness but end up clogged with cars and plentiful Mexican restaurants and how it is sprawling with developments just like any other suburb and when you drive between them you see a huge mall and then five minutes later you are driving past farm fields and ranches then suddenly their are housing developments as far as your eye can see and then there is another huge shopping center. Frisco, I am attached to you now!

On Friday night there was a pep rally at this baseball field...

It was fun although I wish we had been allowed to mingle on the field like we did last year at the pep rally which was in a (much too small) hotel ballroom.  That was like a party and this was more like watching a production.  We did gain access to a box seat which was pretty fun!

After the rally we went to a fun downtown area in Frisco filled with shops, bars and restaurants.  The streets there are lined with trees wrapped in lights and it is quite a pretty sight.  I took several pictures and they are all pretty obnoxious so I won't put them up for the Internet to see but this one shows the lights even though it is kind of blurry.

Game day came...and as usual, tailgating was a blur of walking, talking and bathroom lines and was over before it started.  Noon games come way too soon!  It was overcast all morning but the clouds cleared at game time!  It looks pretty warm but it really wasn't.  I think the warmest it got was the low 50's in the afternoon.  

Our fans were in the majority!  YEAAAHHH!

As most of you probably saw on TV, the game ended up being a pretty big blowout and this year they were ready for the flood of fans on the field and had the little staircases accessible so no one HAD to jump over the railing.  Many people did, however!  

Well, what a fun season...only eight months until September!  Haha!

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