Saturday, January 26, 2013

Another First

On the continuum of babies, Benjamin does not really have very much hair.  I know babies who have full hairstyles by the time they are a few months old.  I have a friend from high school who lives in a different state who has a one year old daughter who has hair like I had when I was four, complete with bangs neatly trimmed.  Bens is still quite baby like on top but was starting to get really long and wispy in the back and around his ears. 

I never thought I would really care about a kid's first haircut.  I hear accounts of mothers getting emotional and having a hard time watching, expecially for little boys.  I know some families have their own policies about not cutting a kid's hair for a certain length of time.  Another friend I knew growing up didn't have her hair cut at all until she was five or seven...can't remember exactly the age and it was the same for her sisters.  My mom did not have the patience for waist length hair expecially multiplied times two to include my sister.   When looking back at pictures of my mom as a little kid and even at the rare pictures of my grandmothers as little girls there is not a flowing haired girl to be found.  Sensible bobs seemed to be the rule through the generations.  My sister and I did have long hair for awhile in the late 80s but it didn't last long.  I should add that I believe there are some cultures and religions that call for kids to grow their hair until a certain age but I am referring to people who just make their own rules and either way is fine with me! 

So, anyway, I didn't think I would be very rattled by Ben getting his first hair cut. We decided to finally do the job earlier this week. His cute curls and wings were starting to look like a "Mullet" know, business in the front, party in the back? I am kind of sad to admit that we didn't go to a salon so we could get cute pictures of him in the chair with the cape on and everything. We just thought that he would never sit still for an event like that anyway, and the amount of hair getting trimmed was not worthy of a professional.

Here is a before shot.

This is a "before" can kind of see the wings around his ear.

And after!  Pardon my crazy face and chins...ugh...Justin did the cut with his clippers and it is not perfect but is pretty good.

And I admit...I miss his little curls and I saved one and added it to his baby book! 

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