Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Packing Up the "Baby" Clothes

By baby clothes, I refer to the 3 month sized clothes that Baby Benjamin has outgrown.  I already packed up the small selection of newborn items we have.  Actually, he hasn't worn any of the clothes I packed up today for quite a while.  I'd say...oh...about a month ago now I emptied the drawers of these clothes to make room for the bigger sizes.  Then, I proceeded to fold them up and leave them in a pile in the nursery, which contributed to the not so charming look of the room.  Yes, sorry to say, Ben's nursery looks nothing like a magazine or a catalogue or something from Pinterest even with the cute name letters I made and the planters/stuffed animal holders on the walls and the little owls on the dresser.  Oh well, no room in a real house looks like a magazine so whatever...although I was looking through "Pottery Barn Kids" and spotted a nursery with a pile of rumpled outgrown baby clothes on the end table next to the rocking chair and a stack of informational papers about introducing solids and growth chart documentation from the pediatrition on the dresser in front of the books and empty gift bags that need to be stored away stashed in the was so adorable...

I was feeling kind of sad this morning as I neatly refolded the little clothes.  I dreamed of the other little boy I might have in the future and then I thought, "what if I don't have another baby boy?" and got sad thinking that these clothes might not get worn again (by my child...I would certainly hand them down to someone else) and then I started missing the smaller newborn version of Ben, although I really don't miss that.  I like this cute, alert version that can briefly entertain himself and sleep all night long and only poops once a day instead of six or more times all day and night.  Of course, I had to take some pictures of the ordeal. 

Actually, he is a pretty slim baby so those 3 month clothes probably would still fit his circumference.  Maybe someone should invent crotch extenders for baby clothes!

 I couldn't resist trying to squeeze him into one of my favorite sleepers, the ones he wore in those early weeks and months. 

There he is in the same outfit, back on St. Patrick's day when he was only 10 days old!

I think this is one of the first "diaper" shots I have taken!  I love this angle!  It makes him look quite large. 

I'm not one to gush very often, but his eyes just kill me in these pictures!  I can't get enough of them!  I love how they are slightly off kilter and so blue and expressive. 

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