Monday, August 13, 2012

I Miss It Already!

The Olympics, that is.  I hardly remember my usual daytime TV schedule from three weeks ago.  I am discovering that it cannot compare to the fun and novelty of watching daytime Olympic coverage! 

Here are some of my Olympic thoughts and highlights...I barely know where to start as I think back to the beginning! 

-It started right away with swimming which is also a favorite event of mine and also, I think, a favorite of many American viewers.  There was so much excitement!  The Ryan Lochte/Michael Phelps rivalry/comradery...the endearing and down to earth attitude of the teenagers Missy Franklin and Katie Ledeky...Oh, and Ryan Lochte being hot!  It was also fun to see some of the not so famous swimmers from the U.S. and elsewhere (aka all of them not named Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte) have their moments.  My favorite is Nathan Adrian, the adorable young man who won his race by like 1/1000 of a second to with the gold medal in the 100 m. freestyle. 

Hahaha I didn't alter this photo but it looks like I am not the only lady who took a liking to Mr. Adrian!  I also enjoyed hte moment when Chad Le Clos from South Africa upset Michael Phelps to win a gold medal and they showed his tearful father in the audience going ballistic.  Very sweet. 

Yes, Le Clos, you won! 

-Gymastics was a fun as ever in the men's and women's competitions.  The stunts keep getting crazier every four years and the broadcast team gets more over the top and dramatic.  Every mistake is "devastating" and every good routine is the best the world has ever seen.  I heard them describe a man's high bar routine as "historic" this year and now I can't even remember what country he was from.  So how historic is that HUH?  A historic routine would be the Kerri Strug broken foot vault back in 1996 or something of that nature.  The U.S. men had a pretty mediocre showing during the team all around and I have never heard "oooh that was bad" so many times.  Chill out!  I'd like to see their old a$$es do that stuff again!  Regarding the women, I, like everyone else in America, love Gabby Douglas now.  How cute and amazing is she?  I can already see her (formerly) financially struggling mom traipsing around in a new designer wardrobe.  And of course, the Bela and Marta Karolyi were always present and acting like they owned the place. 

-I like diving but after awhile all the dives look the same to me.  That's why the WORST DIVE EVER is so amusing to me!

I feel bad for the guy, really...I try not to mock athletes because they are all far superior to me even if they mess up.  But it was just so funny!  Hahaha he did a back flop at the Olympics...and got a score of 0...hahaha.

-I love how confident and not very modest the track and field athletes are.  I have never seen so much chest beating and showing off before.  Of course, the main example is Usain Bolt of Jamaica and his ridiculous posing.  They all seemed to spend the pre-race minutes preening for the camera as they were lining up. 

Ms. Richards-Ross here, along with her peers, posed like models as they were introduced.  I really like Ms. Richards Ross.  She has five year old twins which gives me inspiration to get back in shape after having kids.  And also, she is only two years younger than me. 
Lolo Jones is one who is older than me! 

Yes, Usain, they are cheering for you because you are #1!
Haha don't they all look so aprehensive as they line up for their races?  Just kidding...I truly thought they all looked like they had no worries about who was the they lined up.  Which I like.  After all these people go through to get to the Olympics I think they should be full of confidence and have fun competing!  Although, I decided Usain Bolt might be a bit much after he won his last gold and told the camera he was #1 and the best, etc. etc.  On completely non-performance related note, Justin Gatlin there at the bottom is so hot. 

-Water Polo men are fine physical specimens.  They are like hairless, graceful NFL players.  I didn't know how huge these guys were but they are all like 6'9".  Rarrrrr...

Water Polo amazes me.  As a person who had years of swimming lessons, lifeguard training and recertifications, and water safety instructor classes, I am amazed at how they can play this game without their feet touching the bottom of the pool.  To be a lifeguard, I had to prove that I could tread water for, if I remember correction, ten minutes and a portion of that was done while holding a 10 pound weight.  It was such a daunting task.  These guys tread water for so much longer than that!  And half the time their opponent is climbing on top of them! 

-Rythmic gymnastics is ridiculous.  Once again, I don't want to diminish the abilities of any of the Olympic athletes because I can't come close to doing that stuff, but I do think that rythmic gymnastics is an outlandish way to utilize athletic ability. 

Yeahhhh...let's all dance around while holding a ball or a hoop!  Haha it's so silly.  The ribbon twirling portion is pretty sweet, though...

I was kind of unsettled to realize that many of the athletes are now younger than me.  Sigh...I think I have at least one more summer Olympics before they are almost all younger than me.  Some of the teenagers of the gymnastics competition were not even born yet when the famous Kerri Strug moment happened back in 1996

Ugh...well, now that made me even more bored with TV.  Is it 2016 yet?  Or even 2014?  Skiing would be fun to see right now...

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