Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I was making some corn bread last night and when I cracked the egg I got a surprise!  A "double yolker"!  This is the second one of these I have ever seen in my life.  The first one was during law school when I was making breakfast.  I was disturbed by the sight of it at that time and didn't know if it was safe to eat.  I think I just ate it anyway and proceeded to ask around and research it throughout the day.  My mom said they are not unheard of and, if they show up at all, are usually in the Jumbo sized egg cartons. (It was a carton of Jumbos).  My sister said "Eeeew!  You ate twins!".  My classmate said, "Was it twins?" and another classmate who knew something about chickens and eggs said it was fine to eat (good thing, since I already ate them!) and an old wives tale told it to be good luck. 
That was at five years ago.  I had forgotten about it until last night! 
It wasn't even a Jumbo pack...just the regular large eggs.  It is kind of gross, in a way, but also fascinating.  I looked it up again and confirmed what I already know...these usually happen with a very young hen who is just starting to ovulate.  By the way, there are many egg oddities out there with a double yolk being, in my opinion, the least gross.  I hope I never encounter any of those other ones!  Did you know that an egg can have a shell within its shell?  Blechhhh!  There are superstitions about double yolks, such as good luck, and marriage happening soon in the family.  Also, some cultures say it means a death is coming...eeek.  I am going to believe the happy ones since nothing happened at all last time that I can remember.  And, my brother is engaged...and maybe it means fertility because this morning my cousin Laura had a baby, Aubrey Elizabeth!  She was a week overdue, just like I was.  Also, my middle name and Laura's middle name are also Elizabeth although I was named after my aunt Kristen Elizabeth on my mom's side and she is on my dad's side so we aren't named after the same person or anything. 
Either way, the bread turned out fine.  Haha.  I wonder what the rest of the carton will hold?
Here are a few pictures from my phone that I uploaded along with the egg yolks...
I think the bouncey chair is on its last days at our house.  It can go back to my sister-in-law's house where it came from where another baby will be arriving in December.  Ben  writhes and thrashes in this thing and doesn't sit the right way, as you can see.  I burst out laughing when I saw him like this, looking so proper and like a big boy!  I can't imagine this was comfortable with the crotch strap digging into his leg but he seemed OK!
And these...are so sweet...ahhh I melt...
Allan was snuggled in that quilt and I set Ben on the couch and he started looking excited to see Allan like he always does.  It is so cute how his face lights up when Allan enters his sight.  It's an instant fuss intervention, second only to walking around outside.  I think his first word will be "kitten" or "Allan" because he vocalizes when he sees Al.  Sometimes he makes a "alala" type noise which I tell myself is him trying to say "Allan"!  Haha...I might be crazy.  Who knows!?  My major at NDSU was Child Development and I had whole classes about how babies' brains are way ahead of their speech abilities when it comes to language.  I always thought it would be fun to do the baby sign language if I had the time...which...hmmm...looks like I do!  It seems pretty outlandish but I have seen babies do it so I know it is possible.  
Best friends! 

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