Thursday, August 9, 2012

Poor Baby Boy...

Poor little Ben just had his 1st non-routine pediatritian visit!  He was fussier than usual yesterday and spent alot of the day actually crying with real tears!  I thought it was related to teething but by evening he seemed really out of sorts and felt noticeably warmer than usual and would cry every time we picked him up like it hurt or something (although he would also cry if we put him down!).  He wasn't his usual self and didn't want to play or roll around on the floor or do his favorite knee locking "plank" maneuver.  He slept fine but this morning was no better so off we went to the doctor as soon as the office opened. 

He had a low grade fever of 99.8 but other than that he didn't have any lung issues or problems with his nose or ears so the doctor said it seemed to be a minor viral infection combined with the discomfort of teething.  They gave him some baby Tylenol and I went and bought some more after we left and he is doing much better already!  He played a bit on his Ocean Adventure mat and hasn't been crying as much so I hope the worst has passed or at least that the medicine is helping.  It is realy sad when babies aren't feeling good!  It makes me glad that he is healthy overall.  Hopefully the teeth will surface soon!  He drools so much that he soaks through many bibs each day and of course I don't like to see him uncomfortable with a sad tearstained face! 

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