Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Baby in His Jammies

I think many people would agree that something that is universally cute is a baby wearing some cuddly, cozy, footed pajamas.  I realized after Ben outgrew his little sleepers that I didn't ever take his picture in some of my favorites so I decided that I would take out the camera some nights and snap a few photos of him in his jammies so I would have more pictures of him!  Because that is what we need...more picture of him...I didn't just fill an album that holds 200 photos of him with the pictures starting at his birth and ending six weeks later...aye!  I wonder if I will be able to keep up this pace with my subseqent children!
So, here are the pictures...they are from the last several months and in not particular order.

He was just a little guy back then!

He's outgrown that one now...I miss it!

Ahh...the days of the hands obsession...those were cute days!


Ben has been quite insufferable lately, although I know it is just because he is becoming more aware of the world around him.  He wants constant entertainment and sometimes the only way I can get him to stop fussing and yelling is to walk around outside with him.  Good thing it is nice out!  He is not much of a napper.  He will fall asleep when I hold him and as soon as I lay him down in his crib or on the floor he wakes up and starts giggling and talking.  (This weekend he did nap in his crib for about two hours and it was the best thing that has happened to me in a long time.  I can't believe some parents get this luxury every day!) His favorite "word" is to make a bubble blowing farting noise and he sprays drool all over when he does it.  He rolls all over the room and this morning I caught him with one of Allan's toys in his mouth.  I have magazines all over and they often end up on the floor and I caught him jamming one into his mouth yesterday.  Now I worry that he will find some small object and choke on it.  It used to be a safe bet to strap him into the bouncy chair whenever I had to be out of sight (mostly to take a shower) but now he rolls himself over in it and the strap digs into his leg and would certainly cut off circulation if he was left like that long enough.  Here is what happened when I set him in there unstrapped for a few seconds...I think I was quickly applying mascara or something...
He also wiggled himself out of that blasted recalled Bumbo over the weekend. Yikes.  Fortunately it was on the floor being used as directed! I was doing dishes so I was supervising but I guess I wasn't focusing on him 100%.  And diaper and clothing changes...ugh...they are like a wrestling match now.
People always talk about the characteristics of babies and those who came before who were the same.  I hear from Justin's mom that he was always on the go, a skinny, active baby who chewed on his crib like a beaver and never sat still to eat a meal.  I hear from my mom that I was busy and naughty and into everything and she never was able to get anything done.  I hear from Justin's grandma that his dad was on the go at a young age and any story my grandma tells about my dad starts with, "Tim was so strong..." and leads to an example of how exhausting he was for her to take care of.  I guess the exhausting qualities are the ones parents remember best.  I know I will remember that it took me a whole saturday to put pictures in a few picture frames due to Ben's constant troublemaking and he can't even crawl yet.  Usually if I am doing an essential household task like laundry or dishes or cleaning the floors or bathroom I just leave him to entertain himself as he yells and demands a change of view.  I always wonder if the neighbors can hear and wonder what goes on in this house because I can hear him yelling from outside the house sometimes.   
So...anyone want to come for a visit?  It really is fun around here...I promise!  Haha...

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