Monday, August 27, 2012

Bison Salad

There were some strange looking tomatoes in our jungle of a garden...they were the big, juicy, "beefy" kind and they have been looking very good.  Some of them have the circumference of a softball and there are many of them.  The only problem was that they were not turning red.  They were turning a strange yellow color and then starting to get the overripe mushiness. 

I had a fleeting memory that maybe I had bought a pack of yellow tomato plants but had forgotten.  I took one home and ate it and it was delicious!  So there was my answer.  I have never tried yellow tomatoes before.  Apparently, they have less acid and more niacin and folate which is good.  Unfortunately, they don't contain the antioxidant lycopene like red tomatoes and vegetables do.  Which is fine.  I have probably overdosed on lycopene these last few weeks from eating so many red tomatoes. 

Pretty, isn't it? 

This gave me an idea...NDSU football starts next weekend and I have been trying to think of foods to bring tailgating.  YES!  I have the perfect dish...Bison Salad!  All I need are some rich green Spinach leaves and a bunch of sliced golden tomatoes! 

Haha..if any of you tailgate with me, don't worry...I would never consider bringing spinach salad with tomatoes tailgating! The yellow tomatoes are real but everything else is a joke...salad is not what I want to be eating during those all too short Saturday afternoons!  I prefer anything that you can put with chips, something chocolatey, or something containing alcohol.  Spinach is OK if it is in a bowl of bread and mixed with melted cheese and sour cream but that's the only way!

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