Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Super Chili

Here are some nice pics of my flower beds...yeahhh!  So exciting!  The lilies are just glorious and they smell wonderful.  They are all in front of the house but you can smell them all around the yard.  The smell reminds me of weddings since there were lilies in my bouquet!  I tried to take a picture one evening but it was so hot and humid that my camera lens fogged up!  

Second attempt...

The flower beds look good but the planters with annuals are starting to look kind of bad.  The one you can see looks great but the rest...eh...for some reason the geraniums are withering in several of the pots which is unusual because I consider geraniums to be one of the hardiest and healthiest and easiest to grow annuals.  Also, I planted moss roses as a filler flower in many of the pots but now they have taken over the entire pots and kind of sucked the life out of the other plants.  That greenhouse must have recieved a super batch of moss roses or something.

The gardens are producing.  Pardon the gross assortment of clutter in the background.  I was too lazy to set up a nice photo that doesn't include spray bottles of cleaning supplies and a used water glass and paper towels. 

Do you see those tiny red peppers in the tomato bowl?  They are called Super Chilis and we have alot of them.  I tried one for the first time last night and they are HOT.  I don't know what we will do with them because Justin doesn't like peppers at all and I like them but these are way too hot for casual eating, at least for my taste!  If anyone wants a challenge let me know and I will give you some!

Oh, what else...I found the Jump-a-Roo we got for a gift stashed away and realized Ben is big enough for it now so i set it up and he loves it. 

One more obnoxious baby item on display in our house!  The nice thing about this one is that it is easily taken down and stashed.  I had to put a rug under him so his feet didn't slide on the floor!

I keep wondering when teeth are going to appear!  He has been drooly and obsessed with putting things in his mouth for a few months now but over the weekend he started sucking on his lower lip so I think it might be close.  Hopefully it isn't a total nightmare.

The soundtrack to this photo is a loud shrieking sound!

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