Monday, August 6, 2012

Guide to the Galaxy

This weekend we went to my parents house to help with combining.  OK, so Justin could help with combining...I admit I didn't have any plans to lift a finger in that area unless someone needed a ride or something!  The weekend looked promising until it rained after the first evening we were there.  If you are from the area you know that it has rained approximately one inch all summer so this was welcome but also kind of annoying.  But Justin got in the cab for a few hours and it happened to be in sight of the yard so I took some pictures.  

They look muted because of the dust. 

I had my fancy lens on to zoom in on the combine so I took some pictures of Wally the farm dog.   Such nice portraits!

Since it rained, we spent most of the weekend helping Justin's mom and step dad move.  They are moving from their house into a smaller house and making improvements at their lake cabin so it is a big shuffle.  Justin got to take his 1964 Ford Galaxy that belonged to his dad for a drive to its new home in the garage at the lake so that was nice for him.  I was following behind him with jumper cables in case something went amiss! I wish I had taken some pictures of it out in the daylight after the dust was washed away but the day was hectic so I didn't even think of it.  

I have to mention that I have been watching the Olympics religiously every night an all day when I am around the house and I have a constant running commentary in my head about it so be prepared for some Olympic nonsense sometime this week.  It is so fun I don't know where to start!  USA USA USA! 

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