Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter Tailgating

The playoffs started (successfully) for NDSU on Saturday.  It was the first really cold day after a fall of very good tailgating weather.  There hasn't been a rainy day, snowy day, or even uncomfortably cold day until now.  It has been windy but that is a given around here!  Fortunately our tents have walls and they were put to use for the first time!  Also, we have many different propane powered heaters and appliances (you can see one in the background on the left).  The only time I left the warmth of the tent was to visit the portas...that was not fun!

 My whole fam came, even my brother who went to school at UND...too bad about that...(that was kind of a joke since I got the later part of my education from there too!)

And holy crap...I look huge!

And we won so this scene will be repeated again next Saturday...I love a drawn out season!  If this season continues we will have to get a Christmas tree for the tailgating spot!

On a completely different subject, we want to start stockpiling diapers.  I did some research online and read some reviews and it seems like Pampers Swaddlers are a popular choice for newborn babies...does anyone who has experience in this area have an opinion? 


Kari said...

Maren, I don't have much experience with newboarn diapers, but we loved the Sam's Club brand! Matt was in size 3 when he came home, so take that for what it is worth.

Dana said...

We used Pampers Swaddlers for newborn size, BUT don't stock many of them. As Kari mentioned, many babies aren't in the very long, or at all. I think we used one small package of each his first week. We were then on to size 1-2 for the Costco brand and soon on to size 3. I don't stick to one brand, but typically stock up on what is on sale: Kirkland or Huggies Snug n' Dry.

Sign up for Amazon Mom! You get free prime shipping for a year if you purchase $25 in baby stuff a month, which is easily done with diapers. When you buy diapers under their Subscribe & Save you usually get a better price than you could get on sale in a store. I just cancel the subscription right away after I make the purchase.

Anonymous said...

I likes the swaddlers for a nb. Our hospital put on size 1s from the start but we had one pack of NBs that we used when we got home, then went to 1s. We got a huge box of pampers baby dry in size 2 so they were fine (=free!). I switched between huggies and pampers in size 2 and didn't have much luck with either as we had blowouts nearly every day. Switched to Members Mark (sams club brand) per Kari's recommendation for size 3 and lived them! They were around 6-7 cents cheaper per diaper than pampers even with amazon mom (but I used that for lots of other things!).

I think stockpiling is fine but I did order like 200 of one kind in the next size and then hated them so you might want to see what works for Xxaxx first!

I can talk about birth and babies FOREVER so ask me anything!