Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Bounty

I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend.  I am back at my house and have been enjoying my Christmas tree, Christmas dishes, and the decorating I did weeks ago that I haven't been able to look at.  I have also been enjoying trying to fit a year's worth of shopping and accumulation into closets and drawers that were already stuffed beyond capacity.  Wow, it is a mess around here.  More on that later...

We had a great Christmas.  We got several joint gifts that will be very useful and are much appreciated.  I think being excited about sharing a gift with someone defines you as an adult! 

We got this "tasteful toybox" and ottoman from Justin's family along with a crib (although the crib is not chosen yet.  More on that later as well...).  It will be a way to keep our (Justin's) basement from turning into a kid zone although, as you can see in the background, it is kind of a cat zone right now! 

We also got a new camera that has actual lenses and many great features.  It makes me nervous to have a nice one because I have had several mediocre point and shoot cameras that I have taken with me everywhere by throwing them in my pockets or purse without any sort of case or protection.  This one will require more delicate care!  I have done some experimenting the last few days and I already know I will like this one. 

Here are a few samples...

This is my aunt and cousin on a Christmas day tour of my dad's shop. 

I tried to take some pretty wintery photos around the yard but it was a rare brown Christmas this year and my dad recently dozed several rotton old Boxelder trees so there are big dirt patches everywhere.  But this one highlights a cool feature of the the portrait setting it blurs the background to highlight the main subject. 

Another example of depth... favorite subject!  Until the baby comes anyway!  I love how his eyes don't automatically look like creepy little flashlights!

The monochromatic setting...

This is my favorite!  I love everything about it!  And yes, that is a mattress he is perched on...once again, I will tell about that later!

Justin gave me an ipad which I am in love with already!  I know many people who have them and have been jealous although I never thought to ask for one for myself!  He knows me too well!

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