Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Wind Down

Well, December 27th is here.  On the 23rd I couldn't imagine life on this day after all the chaos had passed.  It always goes way too fast...I have so much to tell!  I am going to dedicate this post, however, to my dad because today is his birthday.  He was born in 1957 as part of the largest group of Americans to be born in one year during the most booming year of the baby boom.  You can do the math to figure out his age! 

Family legend tells that he was born 13 days past due giving my grandma a Christmas to remember.  As a result, he was born large and in charge and consuming 8 oz. of milk.  ( I had to look it up and learned that newborn babies should have around 2 oz. at a time the first week.)  Who knows if any of that is true except for the past due part. 

I have always thought this photo was cute and funny.  I don't know when it was taken but that looks like a summer outfit so maybe it was when he was between 6 and 8 months old?

 Smiling and toddling around...I don't know the date of this one either.  It was probably on the back of the picture if it was there at all.  I love those metal cupboards in the background.  They look just like the metal ones in our garage that used to be in our kitchen!

This must be some birthday in the early 80's...I can't see what he is holding!  It looks like a photo of a calculator or something so maybe he got a fancy calculator from someone.  Whoo hoo...

This is just a funny Christmas photo...he wrapped up my grandparents' dog and presented it to my aunt as a present!  That dog seems quite agreeable. 

Happy Birthday Dad!

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