Friday, December 30, 2011

My 1st Baby Shower

Yesterday my aunt my cousins hosted a baby shower for me.  It was a small but lovely affair including my grandmothers and some relatives from both sides of my family.  I rememeber thinking, back in my bridal shower days, that it was hard to believe that these parties were actually for me!  Now it is happening again with baby parties...such fun!   

My aunt made these cakes in a jar after inspiration from Pinterest.  She thought they could have turned out better but I thought they were nice and tasted good!  (They were supposed to be a layered rainbow of color and they kind of ended up blending together...)

Cute owl centerpiece!

I had my new camera ready to go!  I was sitting on the floor when I took these so I appologize if anyone finds the upward angle unflattering! 

My grandma made that quilt for me.  It is flannel and very cuddly and cute.  There are puppies in the middle of each block.  She told me that she just threw that one together this week and she actually has another quilt for the baby too!  She is a quilting fiend. 

Notice the cute onesie garland in the background...This is the photo where I realized that my face is getting pretty fat...sigh...

I wish I had more gift pictures but they are all packed up in my car.  The last thing I need to be doing is moving more crap into my sister's house as I am trying to clear it out!  That big pastel box next to me was a stroller/carseat combo from my aunt Kris and my Grandma and cousins...that was exciting!  And that garment I am holding is an NDSU outfit!  Every baby needs an assortment of Bison clothes! 

Right now I should be cleaning my sister's basement but I had to take a few minutes to try out my camera with a snowy backdrop since it snowed for the first time (besides the instant melting kind) last night.  Very nice.

Play position!

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