Thursday, December 8, 2011

Festive Photos

Here are a few fun Christmas themed photos I had sent to me today!

Our nephew Blake wearing an elf hat he made...Very nice!  His eyes are irresistible...

Fat Allan...He apparently helped Justin wrap that present tonight and it is for me!  Yeaahhh!  I want to get home to my paper stash and wrap some gifts!  That means, however, that I need to buy some gifts...Allan has been a nuisance in the past regarding gift wrapping.  He wants to sprawl his body on the rolled out paper which makes it all wrinkly and he also likes to play with bows.  I can't believe it is his third Christmas with us! 

Here are a few photos from 2009 only 2 months after we adopted him and he was helping me wrap Christmas presents for the first time...look how little he is!  

He was very playful then and I'm glad to say he still is much of the time!  Although he can be a nuisance I am glad we have him!

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