Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Cheer Coming Your Way!

I just finished preparing our Christmas cards!  I love making them and I don't mind stuffing the envelopes and addressing them either.  I feel like kind of a cop-out because there is not a single personalized or hand written thing on them.  But...that's OK...I think that is pretty common these days and give me a break...I still hand write thank you notes!  This year there is no typed letter either.  Just pictures!  I will add that I had a coupon for some fancier, more expensive cards, so 40 of you lucky people, most likely people related to me, are getting fancier cards and many others of you will be getting the traditional 4 x 8 photo cards.  Both versions have the same photos!  

Look at that stack of mail.  That is WAY more mail than I send each year.  I have one bill that requires mailing and other than that check and the occasional note or birthday card I don't use many stamps.  The struggling U.S. Postal Service better appreciate this business!  Pardon the cluttered, poorly lit and generally bad photo.  I took it with my phone.  This isn't a photo spread for Better Homes and Gardens! 

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