Tuesday, December 6, 2011

More Baby Talk

I decided I was going to register for some baby merchandise today, after there has been talk of a shower as earlier as the end of the month with others being planned.  Registering for presents is so fun.  It is such a childish thing to do, when you think about it.  It is kind of like when my siblings and my cousins and I would circle toys we wanted for Christmas in my grandma's JC Penney's Christmas catalogue.  I kind of miss the thrill of that catalogue...online shopping is great but sometimes it is fun to look through an actual publication! 

You can't not register at Target anymore...for anything.  I think if someone had a wedding or a baby and I found out that they weren't registered at Target I would be baffled.  It seems that Target is the first place most people look. 

I know that etiquette rules state that registries should be unspoken and should be discussed discreetly through word of mouth.  Is this still true in these days of wedding websites and Facebook group invites for showers and all of that? I know it shouldn't be scrawled on a formal invitation but other than that does anyone really care anymore?  I don't really care...I do feel dissapointed that some old etiquette things that seem to be dissapearing.  I know I will always hand write thank you notes to the individual instead of sending a generic printed message regardless of how many I have to write and try to do it in a timely fashion. 

So...enough of that nonsense.  This afternoon I headed to Target.  The excitement of scanning items with that barcode gun was what sustained me through a very boring work day.  I got there and was directed by customer service to the public registry kiosks where you can search for people's registries and, apparently, set up your own.  They are awkward because the keyboard is for someone much shorter than me and also they are gross.  I am not a squeamish hand-sanitizer using fiend but these things really are nasty.  The keyboard keys are worn smooth from fingers and the touch screens smudged.  I quickly recalled my password from my Target account from our wedding registry back in 2007.  "This will be no problem!" I thought!  Wrong.  So wrong.  In the last four years they have "made improvements" to their website which requires a password change on all old accounts on Target.com.  I took out my phone and went to Target.com and requested a password change which said I was being sent a confirmation email.  I checked my email on the phone and realized that the confirmation went to my junk mail which I couldn not check on the condensed email version I have on my phone.  The customer service people didn't know what to do about it so I told them this was not my fault and I shouldn't have to go home to check my email just to use their services in the store.  Still nothing...so they put me on the phone with someone in India who asked for my last name and I said that it could be one of two names...my maiden name from the wedding registry or my married name...I didn't know which it would be.  This proved to be too difficult to comprehend so I hung up and left the store.  It was a bunch of B.S.!  What if I had come from out of town?  They said they didn't have Internet access there which I know is a huge lie because who doesn't have Internet access?  I didn't want to register anymore anyway because I was too pissed off and registering is something you only get to do a few times in your life and I wanted it to be fun.  I really wanted to tell them that I didn't need their stupid registry anyway but I knew deep down that I really didn't want to do that!

I ended up setting it up online this evening instead which isn't the same because it is much more fun to see the merchandise in person and also many of the items on the website are only available online.  I will have to go back there later. 

I also plan on registering somewhere that I can't believe I am actually considering...Burlington Coat Factory.  This store opened in Fargo when I was in college and I went in there once because I thought it would be like TJ Maxx.  It is nothing like TJ Maxx.  The brands are not as good and there are alot of really bad fake designer labels.  For example, they have this brand called Charles Klein and the logo looks just like Calvin Klein.  It throws you off at the first glance.  However, at the age of 22 or 23 or however old I was I skipped right over the "Baby Depot" section.  Justin's mom filled me in on this great find over Thanksgiving.  They have huge selection with real name brands! They have furniture, crib sheets, strollers, carseats and everything else you could want.  So I am not going to rely only on Target...

OK, enough shopping talk for one night. 

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