Sunday, November 27, 2011


I can't believe the delightful long Thanksgiving weekend is over already...I had to post this photo from Thanksgiving weekend last year to articulate that I am thankful that the weather is really nice and there is no snow (yet).  

This was taken at a tailgating event during the playoff game that took place over Thanksgiving weekend last year.  Look at that snowbank!  Ugh!  It was almost 60 degrees outside this is hard to believe how different each year can be.

Justin and I spent Thanksgiving at his mom's house in Grand Forks.  We stuffed ourselves and watched TV all day while tearing through the 5 lb. bundle of Christmas shopping ads from the newspaper.  That evening we drove around town to check out the people waiting in line outside of various stores who were set on scoring some Black Friday bargains.  That kind of shopping is just not my thing! (Yes, there are some kinds of shopping that aren't my thing...believe it or not...)

On Saturday we went to Fargo for a bridal shower for a soon to be cousin.

We managed to get a pretty decent group photo with the timer on my camera.  Some men even showed up at the end to join in the fun!  We shopped a bit afterwards and it was busy but not unbearable in the stores.  

On Friday and this afternoon I did some decorating around my parents' house.  My mom had already done the boring part...assembling the tree and adding the I was able to do the fun part and hang the ornaments!  This afternoon we hung our stockings.  My mom sewed these stockings for us starting with the Mom and Dad versions at the top back in the early 80's.  Mine followed, and now we all have them and so do some of my relatives.  Justin's fish and Kirk's tractor are the newest additions.  She was talking about how she wants to start assembling several so as new babies come she can just add names!  Sounds like a good idea to me!  I want to learn to sew them as well.  Pardon the clutter and debris in the background...that radiator is a catchall for damp outerwear and boots and gloves that need to be warmed and the other room is full of the decoration boxes from the attic.  Just remnants of life!

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Dana said...

I love that your's is a cat (very fitting), but Andrea's with the bunny and Peder's with the small dog just kind of makes me giggle! Your mom is so talented! Personalized Christmas stockings are something that make the holiday that more special...I haven't even started to make (scratch that - purchase - because I can't sew) our family's stockings yet...and this is Charlie's third Christmas!