Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Decorations Continued

Ok...the rest of my decorating...I know everyone has been waiting anxiously to see this!  Haha I bet...

I have this cheap box of plastic blue ornaments from IKEA and they don't all fit on the tree.  If I ever have a bigger tree (or I should say WHEN I have a bigger tree) they will all fit so I keep them year after year of course.  I arranged them in a bowl and put it on a Fiestaware Christmas plate.  I love that Christmas Fiestaware...I got that tree napkin holder at a rummage sale this summer. 

Here is the nativity scene with an assortment of Christmas trees.  Some are from rummage sales, the small glass ones are ones from my grandmother's collection.  For years, my sister and I gave her a tree and a few years ago she started gifting them back to us as keepsake items.  I love them!  To the left is a stack of children's Christmas books given to me by my mom over the years. 

Those little boots are from Justin's grandma.  She had one for all of her grandchildren when they were kids and now that she has a small apartment and doesn't entertain everyone there on holidays she distributed them so they could have them in their own homes.  I was bestowed my own a few years ago! 

These are more thrift store finds...I know of several family members who have a large version of that tree with lights and birds on it and I was excited to find the mini version of it over the weekend!  Hopefully it will be joined by the big one some day! 

 I have been trying to commit to a Christmas card design...I love choosing ours every year and make several options online before ordering my favorite!  Here is a preview with one of our dud photos...I laugh every time I see poor Allan with his creepy flashlight eyes!

I hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving!  I am dying for some Stovetop and pecan pie and some olives and pickles in a divided dish! 

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