Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Obsession Continues...

Well, I am a full blown Pinterest fiend now...I made my first project last Friday night...scarves.  The original source is from this blog...

This is the result...I bought two yards of knit in Bison colors and made four scarves.  If you click on the link it is easier to see the braided detail.  They were very very easy to make and the sewing was minimal and everyone thought they were cute! 

Meanwhile, my sister experimented with a few Pinterest ideas that caught her eye as well...she baked some sugar cookies that had green swirls and also rice crispy bars that looked like party confetti.  She has been intrigued by the food ideas on the site. 

I didn't have anything too time consuming on the agenda on this Sunday so I have been finding myself browsing around on Pinterest and making my pinboards. 

Here is a link to my boards...

I used to love taping everything, such has programs from school concerts, newspaper articles, cards, and many other mementos into old fashioned scrapbooks (not the fancy photo "Creative Memories" type of photo scrapbooks, which I have also come to enjoy making).  This kind of reminds me of that. 

Here is the newest thing I want to make.  It is for baby boys!  The original pin came from the blog  It contains directions for making a vintage looking hat out of flannel (specifically 2nd hand flanned shirts from a thrift store, which is right up my alley).  There is also directions for the matching furry blanket.  This is her photo.  I always feel wierd using other people's photos online so I am making sure to direct everyone where to find the original and not take credit for anything that isn't my own work.  If you look at the link there are cute pictures of babies snuggled up in the blanket and hat.  Very adorable. 

The hat is alike a boy version of the very feminine sun bonnets my sister and I wore as babies, minus the ribbon, eyelet, and ruffles of course!

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