Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Discovery

I have found a new way to distract myself and suck hours from my life as I sit on the couch every night...like I needed that in addition to ancestry.com, babycenter, and of course the always reliable Facebook.  It is called Pinterest...I insist that you look at it.  It is a website that lets users create inspiration "pin boards" with things that they find or add themselves that they like, want to try, have made or want to make, or just like! 


I have seen other ladies (it is not a women's website but it seems to draw in many more women!) that I know exlaiming over Pinterest on Facebook in relation to everything from weddings to cooking to crafts.  I finally looked at it.  Oh my...oh my...ideas everywhere!  For everything!  If you roll the cursor over the "everything" link at the top you will see all the categories.  So far, my favorites have been the DIY and crafts and the home decor categories although I just looked at it for the first time yesterday.  I quickly glanced at the pets link and found it to be enchanting as well.  I signed up for an invite last night and haven't recieved my email yet...please don't forget about me Pinterest!  I want to make my own pin board with stuff I like and want to try!  Maybe even stuff I made myself and then other people could pin my creations on their boards!  Since I don't have an invite yet so I don't have my own board, here is a sampling of a few (a few...I could have gone on indefinitely...) things I liked on there.  I am adding the name of the site the pinboard linked to because I don't want to be a thief. 

Originally from http://www.designsponge.com...%20would/ you look at that!?  This caught my eye because it just so happens that there is a vintage tub like this in my parents' attic.  It is gigantic and I always thought it would be very fun to bring it back to its' glory.  Imagine the color possibilities!

See the website on the photo...these are great...so appealing and cozy!  I think you could put a sweater on anything and make it cute!

Pinned Image

http://www.marthstewart.com/... Homemade mice cat toys made from thrift store menswear fabric!  Allan would love these. 

Pinned Image

http://www.16house.blogspot.com/... This makes me want an old library card catalogue

in a bad way!


goodtimetoreview said...

Oh I am super addicted to Pinterest!! I have so many fantastic ideas to try now! I can't wait for the day when I actually have time to do all my crafts and diy projects! I requested an invite one night and got it the next day so hopefully you have yours soon!

karimalia said...

maren...it's bad...i literally have wasted an entire day spent on pinterest and hulu...SO BAD

Maren said...

Glad I am not the only addict out there!