Sunday, November 20, 2011

Save Your Groans...

The early onset of Christmas madness is a popular topic every year.  Most people complain about it.  They are annoyed by Christmas music in stores and the fixation on Black Friday.  I don't really mind the store displays and shopping talk once November hits because that means there are only 7 weeks to fit in the shopping and holiday season planning.  I love Thanksgiving too, so I wish there were more store displays and TV commercials about that holiday.  I also actually like Christmas music (either you love it or hate it, it seems!  Justin doesn't even want to listen to it when we are driving places on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!)  and I love the atmosphere in stores during this time of year.  I also like getting people gifts and get kind of depressed when people blow it off as a waste of money, materialistic, stuff no one needs, etc.  It's fun!  Can't some things just be for fun?  So, I guess I am in between.  I don't mind Christmas stuff in stores once November rolls around.  I know it is out long before that but I just ignore it until then. 

So, there may be mixed feelings out there when I say that I put up the Christmas tree this weekend!  It is fake so there is no need to worry about the dehydration issue.  I had a few reasons.  One is that I am never home so I wanted to get it done when I am home.  Next time I am here it will be December so then everything will be done already.  Also, I have a 1/2 off discount from Shutterfly that expires on Wednesday that I want to use for Christmas cards.  We have ZERO...yes, zero...good photos of the two of us from this year that weren't taken at a football game or skiing.  And, if you recall (which I am sure most of you don't but I remember!) we have used both of those themes more than once since our first card in 2007.  Also, I wanted a photo that would showcase the pregnancy for those relatives who haven't been able to have the pleasure to see me in person. 

So we are going to try to take one tonight in front of the tree.  Hopefully we can get a good shot.  Otherwise it is going to be a collage of Allan photos because he is one subject that I have hundreds of photos of from the past year!

This is Allan's third Christmas with us.  Every year he is pretty interested in the tree but not in the way people think cats would be.  He doesn't want to climb it...he likes to chew on the branches.  It is really weird.  Also, he likes to play with the ornaments so I just put the cheap plastic ones near the bottom. 

Here he is, already wanting to start knawing on those branches!

I left it up without any lights or decorations for awhile so he could check it out and hopefully lose interest. 

As annoying as he is when he goes in there it leads to some cute pictures!

Here is the finished product!  It is impossible to get a good photo of a tree with lights with my camera...I tried every setting and they all look bad.  I tried at night and during daylight.  During the day that window causes problems and at night it is hard to capture the twinkle of the lights. 

Here are a few of my favorite ornaments...

I think I feature this little tree last year.  It has been around since I was a little kid.  I picked it out at a craft show or some Christmas store with my aunt.  I vaguely remember it.  It was always on our tree when I was growing up and now it is on my tree!

I have many Coca-Cola ornaments...It is probably the marketing but there is something festive about Coke.  Even as I decorated yesterday I was wishing I had a Coke in a festive holiday can with polar bears or Santa on it to drink.  Also, the packaging is read which makes it perfect for Christmas.  I like this mini bottle because of its cute little hat! 

My mom gave me two of these springy trees a few years ago.  I have quite a few blue ornaments.  I can't say I have a blue theme though...the tree is kind of a mess...there are green and red beads, lots of Santa ornaments that Justin collected as he was growing up, and many oddballs that don't fit with any theme.  I guess that's how a tree should be!  Those store created theme trees are beautiful but I prefer the fun assortment of memories that we have! 

Awww...this one will always be a favorite although it hasn't been around for too long.  I don't want to think of the year when I unwrap it and wish he was still here! 

I set up a few other displays around the house but this is getting long so I will share them in another post.  Hopefully in a few weeks you will be seeing our fabulous Christmas card in the mail! 

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