Monday, November 14, 2011

6 months

Here I am, beginning Month 6.  The time was going fast and now it is kind of lagging.  Ever since that first ultrasound when they told me I was at 18 weeks instead of 20 it has seemed slow.  I get these reminders every week on my phone from about my weekly progress and they are all two weeks ahead based on their due date calculator so it was like no progress was made for those two weeks.  I am really growing out of clothes now though.  I especially am noticing it because the T-shirts I wear after work (and to work if I am feeling really casual!) are now too tight and very unflattering!  I am pretty much out of all non-maternity shirts now, althought that tunic thing I am wearing in the picture is non maternity.  It is basically a shapeless sack, though, so it still works.  I might have been imagining things but it felt like it was getting tighter throughout the day today!

I have been trying to get some excersise every day, although exercise hasn't been the same as it used to be.  Now I consider an after work tear around the mall as exercise!  I still love swimming laps when I am home to use my Y membership but that is not nearly often enough.  I bought a prenatal yoga dvd at a thrift store a few weeks ago and I have to say that it wasn't really my thing.  The dvd has routines for every trimester and the ones for the 2nd include workouts for purposes such as back pain, winding down to go to sleep, and morning sickness.  I chose a workout called "energize".  Well, if they call that workout an energize workout, I don't want to know what the relax and sleep workouts entail because it was so dull that I completely spaced out immediately.  Imagine sitting crossed-legged on the floor upon some sort of thick foam block with rolled up towels under your thighs and behind your back for support (huh?  People are not that huge in the 2nd trimester!).  Then imagine some woman saying lame things like "relax your eyes" and "let your awareness drop from your head to your heart" and directing you to breath and flex your back muscles.  I thought maybe this was the warmup and waited for it to pick up but it never did.  Hmmmmm...OK...I am afraid to say it was way too boring for my tastes.  I exercise to get my blood flowing and to feel stronger and I think reading a magazine on the elliptical machine or listening to music is much more relaxing sitting on the floor and trying to "let my awareness drop from my head to my heart..."  Haha I think this dvd might be in my next bag of thrift store donations!

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