Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Adventures

There is a much neglected room in our house...the office.  The office is located in the smallest of the four bedrooms.  It is a basement room and it was the only room in our house that had the universally despised fake wood panelling that is an indication of an old and outdated house.  Notice that I use the past tense when I describe what we had...

 Justin decided to paint and redecorate the room.  It was his office for the most part, with his decor hanging on the walls and his paperwork in the file cabinet.  After finishing school I felt like I was done with having an office for awhile!  I spent too many hourse sitting at that desk studying!  My file cabinet is in the other basement bedroom with my sewing supplies and books.

 Oooh that room looks like a claustrophobic little hovel!

Check it out!  That is the same room!  I haven't seen it in person yet but it looks like he filled in the grooves in the panelling, added new trim around the base, and did some ceiling improvements!  The panelling is still there under the paint.  This is a cell phone picture so I will add some more pictures when I see it in person.  This is some very impressive work.  Pardon the clutter in the picture...the room is still a work in progress. 

While Justin was working on that project, I spent Saturday and Sunday visiting my aunt and uncle and cousins at their lake home on Pelican Lake.  I woke to thunder storms on Saturday morning which was very dissapointing but I was patient and they dissipated my noon and I headed to the lakes!  After the storm moved out the weather was perfect. 

My timing was also perfect because right after I got there my uncle went to pick up a new pontoon that had a feature that I was unfamiliar with before...Sea Legs.  These are hydraulic lifts that can lift the pontoon out of the water and eliminate the need for a cumbersome boat lift or an anchor if you are stopped in shallow water such as on a sand bar.  It was like a robot boat!

This is not their is one that I found a picture of on Google images.  Pretty fancy legs, huh?  I almost expect it to start walking!

I wish it wasn't already August.  Summer is way too short!  There are not enough weekends to spend in a swimming suit drinking slushy drinks in a year!  Mmmmm slushy drinks...

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