Sunday, August 21, 2011

Water Dogs

My nephew dog Jake loves water.  Since he is a "town dog" this love was just discovered this spring when he was at my parents' farm where a creek runs in front of the house.  Often, this creek is nothing but a little stream.  Some years (Oh, those lovely dry years!) it is completely dry and a mower can drive along the bed.  This year has been wet so the creek has been high, first with the water from melting snow, and then from the continuous rain that has fallen all summer.  If you throw a ball in that water he launches himself in like he is jumping off a diving board.  It is really funny!  I have some videos of this phenomenon but the giggling of me and my sister in the background is wayyyy to embarassing to share!  Haha!  I giggled all over again when I was watching them!  

There he is, cutting through the water like a champ swimmer while his equally water loving but less agressive buddy Wally wades around...As you can see in the photo the surroundings are not very green so that means it was early spring and that water was probably very cold but they don't care!

He doesn't stop chasing until the thrower stops throwing...

When I heard about a certain event at a local public pool I thought of Jake immediately...after the pool closes for the year they let people bring their dogs there to swim!  Check out this poster!  It is tomorrow!

Unfortunately, Jake's mom said he wasn't allowed to go!  Well...she is going to be out of town for work that night and I sure don't want to deal with him all by myself!  I've never even walked him on his leash!  Don't feel too bad...that dog gets plenty of attention and opportunities for fun!

This weekend we were at Upper Cormorant Lake and took a few leisurely boat rides around the perimeter of the lake where we saw a dog launch himself off a dock like a daredevil!  Animals are so funny!  It was a perfect weekend to be at a lake and it makes me sad to think that summer is coming to an end soon...

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