Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I am not a stamp collector but if I happen to be at a post office with the full selection of stamps currently available I like to buy fun ones and not just the generic flags or Liberty Bells.  A few weeks ago I was reading a decorating magazine and saw a little article about how Fiestaware was going to be featured on a stamp!  I was really excited, imagining all those bright colors on stamps.  It turns out that there is just one Fiesta stamp among a selection of other groundbreaking vintage designs by American designers. 

I love Fiestaware!  It is so bright and colorful.  It was on our wedding registry, so we have alot of the colors that are currently in production.  Also, I occasionally find pieces at rummage sales and thrift stores (always an exciting find!) so I have accumulated alot of the out of production colors as well.

There are my own disk pitchers!  Those mini ones are so cute and I wish I had every color.  They are probably the most impractical Fiestaware item ever to have been produced by the Homer Laughlin company. 

We have bowls of every size!  

I believe these are the oldest Fiestaware items I own.  I got the set at an antique store.  It is from the 30's and, according to Ebay and other websites, could be worth hundreds of dollars.  However, this set would not draw that much because the lid of the teapot is cracked and has been glued together.  I paid $15 for both pieces.  I don't care about that though...I like it the way it is!  That specific shade of green is hard to find because it is so old. 

I love this Christmas Fiestaware!  It shows up every year at Herbergers and the price is jacked up to almost double what the regular pieces without the Christmas themes.  I usually but whatever is left of it for 75% as soon as Christmas passes.  The colors of the lights and snowmen coordinate with the regular colors for a festive look!  There is also always a Christmas ornament with the year on it which is fun.

A few assorted pieces...these are the colors that we (by "we" I really mean "I") chose for our wedding registry.  Most of the heavily used plates adn bowls are in these colors with some navy and dark purple mixed in.  In the past few years a few new colors have been introduced and they are leaning toward a darker more fall-like pallete with brown, a dark yellow called Marigold, and a rusty red.  I have this fantasy that we will have a summer and winter set eventually...hmmmm I think I need more cupboard space!

 I did the spontaneous photo shoot with my dishes last fall for some reason.  I think I was trying to get the cupboards more organized and had everything out on the counters.  I can't remember.

Well, this has been one of the more boring posts I have ever done.   It was supposed to be about the stamp.  It might be my new favorite stamps ever except for the shelter animal stamps they had last summer that had puppies and kittens on them!

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