Thursday, August 25, 2011

"When We Were Kids on the Field of the First Day of School..."

That title is from the song "Here's Looking at you Kid" by The Gaslight Anthem.  It's pretty but a real weepy buzzkill.  I love it. 

I used that line as my title because it is back to school time in ND!  I don't know if I am the only one who can sense this, but, even though it is still summer and feels hot like summer, there is something that is different in the air this time of year.  It smells different (usually from that always nostalgia inducing smell of wheat harvest) and the light is different in the evening.

I do not really feel a yearning to be back in high school again but I admit that I miss the college years very much this time of year.  Some people spoke of returning to college after the summer with dread but I was delighted.  Who would choose to work 40 hours a week over the flexible schedule and freedom of college?  And also, my friends were there waiting and there was never a dull moment those first weeks back.  I have been seeing young college women shopping for housewares and clothes around town and I feel so jealous of them because I cannot believe it isn't me anymore and it never will be can't last forever and I know I am too old for that.  It just went way too fast! 

Well, that's all I have for now...while those young students are just starting to get ready to go out I am going to watch Jersey Shore and then go to sleep!  At least next weekend college football and tailgating starts!   Can't wait! 

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