Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Special Assessments

If you have looked at real estate before you know what "specials" are...they are taxes used to pay for the infrastructure around the property.  If you look for a house in a new development, get ready for outrageous specials to pay for everything.

Our neighborhood is old so we didn't have to worry about alot of specials.  However, our sidewalk had a big crack down the middle of it.

And the apron of the driveway was not too attractive either and it had those curb things that were pretty outdated and made the driveway feel more narrow.  I would have just accepted these things, but Justin took action and spoke to the city to get them redone! 

Ooooh very nice...that is the new driveway.  We can't drive on it yet.  The concrete is still setting although it is solid enough to walk on. 

There is the nice new sidewalk without the crack!  If you look closely at the picture you can kind of see the dirt line where the perpendicular sidewalk was that lead to the street.  We were the only house on the block that still had that pointless little sidewalk that lead right into oncoming traffic!  It was a remnant from a time when this street wasn't a high traffic route.  Now we will pay some extra specials during our time in the house and whoever comes next can take care of the rest! 

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