Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Garden Update

Oh, look upon the bounty that Justin was able to seal with the Food Saver! 

Haha just kidding!  Those beans are from a garden.  Just not OUR garden.  Justin got them from  co-worker.  They are still delicious though.  And our garden is coming along.  There have been several cucumbers, one large zucchini, and plenty of peas.  The beans are flowering so that is good, even though they are a bit behind the beans in other gardens it seems! 

Right in the middle of this photo you can see a mini zucchini starting to grow...it is so cute!  It was hard not to pick it!  There should be more because there are alot of flowers. 

Also, two lily plants I planted last year are in full bloom, also quite a bit later than they should be.  I have no idea why this is...we had two new lily plants from the greenhouse this year and they bloomed weeks ago.  I love these flowers so maybe they knew I wanted to see them in their glory and waited until I would be around to see and smell them!  They smell so good...the whole front yard is fragrant!

Speaking of the front yard, our sidewalk and the end of our driveway are getting repoured this week.  They are starting tomorrow!  The sidewalk in front of the house is very cracked and the end of the driveway is narrow and has these weird ledge things along the sides so this will be nice.   

Now a few odd notes that don't really fit in anywhere else...

Two weekends ago a storm came through and we ended up losing electricity for three hours.  We heard the transformer pop as it happened.  It was really annoying because it was only our side of the street that was in the dark.  We could see the neigbors on the other side enjoying their lights and TVs.  We have one flashlight so I lit a candle.  Candles have been mostly off limits since Allan joined the house because he fixates on the flame and when he was little he singed his eyebrow whiskers off.  I had to moniter him so it didn't happen again!

Awww...look...that is back in December of 2009 when he was still a baby...I love to burn pine tree scented candles around Christmas time.  Allan liked them a but TOO much!

Finally, my cousins just returned from visiting their parents in Illinois.  My aunt has been excited to give me my birthday present since my birthday in April but they often fly when they come to visit so she hasn't been able to give it to me until now.  I had no idea what it could be!  It was this wacky plate with a three dimensional burger on it!  Hahaha very nice!  It is categorized as an appetizer plate, and the box shows the hole in the burger being used to hold toothpicks.  Maybe I will fill it with ranch dressing!  Wait...that would never be enough ranch for me!  I think I need to learn to make sliders!

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