Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Quilting!

I posted about my indulgent fabric buying binge a few weeks ago when I bought a big roll of pre-cut and coordinating fabric by Moda and I have been working on a quilt composed of that fabric.  It took me awhile to decide what kind of quilt I wanted to make.  I knew I wanted to do something more challenging than just sewing toghether squares like I have done so many times before!  I finally decided on this techique...


It is pretty easy...it lookes like may little triangles but actually you cut squares, sew two seams diagonally down the middle, and then cut between the seams and press them open to make a square with two colors.  They can then be arranged in endless ways!  It was very easy and looks more complicated than it is.  I had a picture of the diagonal sewing step but when I uploaded it a message came up saying that I had used the 1 gigabite of storage that came with the blogger account and I had to purchase more!  I thought that sounded outlandish but, indeed, there is an album with every picture I have ever uploaded on here saved!  I was annoyed but then I found out that 20 gigs costs $5.  So I bought the memory and hopefully never have to deal with it again.  If it took 1.5 years to fill 1 gig I imagine 20 should last awhile!

I arranged all of my squares on the floor first so I could made sure I liked the way they looked.  It was very time consuming and I had a cat pouncing on the squares and rolling around on them. 

I started sewing them toghether this afternoon.  ( I had made the squares two weeks ago). 

I assembled five rows today out of 21.  The pressing of the seams was the worst part! 

I can't help but be critical of my work...I noticed that the squares were not all perfectly uniform when I was sewing them together and I don't know why because I cut them with the rotary cutter and mat and they should be exactly the same!  Oh well...

See...that is supposed to form a point and not look like the end got chopped off!

That blue bird fabric is my favorite in the assortment!

Justin is in Kansas City for work and when he and his co-worker were in the airport yesterday they saw John Elway!  I have never seen a famous person in an airport. 

As a reminder that our lives are not filled with delightful quilting projects, kittens, and celebrity sightings, I will return to Earth and tell you about what is happening in our kitchen right now.  Justin has plans to process some meat this weekend with his cousin.  They are going to, I belive, make sausage and jerky.  Yesterday he removed several bags of pork and venison from our basement freezer and brought them upstairs to thaw in the refrigerator.  This morning I opened the fridge to grab my breakfast burrito ingredients and was greeted with a disturbing scene...a pool of blood covering the entirety of the base of the fridge under the crisper drawers.  There had been some leakage from the freezer bags.  OK, a hemhorrage.  It definitely made me recoil in horror.  There is also leakage from a bag sitting on the top shelf and puddling toward the back up there.  It is really gross and I have declared that I will not be cleaning it up.  Let me remind you all that, although I am not especially squeamish about many things, meat has long been an issue for me.  I didn't purchase and prepare ground beef or chicken for myself until I was in my mid 20's.  I hardly touched meat except for chicken, pepperoni, and hot dogs through most of my youth and into my college years. (And yes, I now know that pepperoni and hot dogs are more disgusting than beef any day but it was more about the texture than the actual content!) So...Justin can deal with this when he gets home.  Maybe I will go buy a jug of bleach for him to use.

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