Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh NO!

This post might be way too female oriented for some readers so I appologize in advance...I was at Trade Secret today (a store filled with hair products, curling irons, and nail polish) because my sister told me there was a big sale going on and she got five hair products for $25.  Normally you might be able to get two salon hair products for that amount so I was excited. 

While I was there I learned that one of my favorite products lines, Matrix Curl Life, is most likely discontinued!  I have been noticing that it has been less prominent on the shelves lately...
I especially like that little tub in the is the "contour cream".  Although these products don't do a whole lot for my hair compared to other products I am devoted because I love the fragrance of them.  The first time I used Curl Life was when I bought a small gift set impulsively at a salon in college.  I had just turned 21 and since the shampoo and styling creme were "fancy" and the bottles were pretty small I hoarded the products and always used them when I was getting ready to go out.  The smell brings me back to carefree times!  I would hate to lose one of my nostalgia triggers!  Hopefully this stuff will linger on clearance shelves and at places like TJ Maxx for awhile. 

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