Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I was in the produce section this afternoon and was very glad to discover that spring has arrived!  Although there is still alot of snow to melt, strawberries are in season!  My mouth was instantly watering!  Of course, they are always available but instead of costing $3.00+ they are now $1.50 and will probably remain at that price for a few months.  Finally I can add some variation to the banana, orange and apple rotation.  And strawberries are so cute!

Someone else is happy that spring is on the way as well...

Jake has been getting walks outside lately and I think it's really funny that, although it has been a few months since Andrea and Kirk have taken him on outdoor runs and walks outside of thier fenced yard, he still remembers what it means when a person in gym clothes grabs a few sandwich bags from the drawer and puts them in their pocket!  He starts dancing around like a maniac!  He's so enthusiastic about everything! 

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