Monday, June 30, 2014

7th Anniversary

 Well, June 30th has come around once again.  This year it is on a Monday and today it is a cold and horrifically windy June day with intermittent rain fall that feels like little knives blowing into your face.  June 30, 2007 was a very different and beautiful summer day and the kind of day everyone would hope to have for their wedding day.  Well, I speak as a woman and not a man wearing a three piece rental tux but oh well...I don't feel bad for them.  They get the easy way in almost every other wardrobe situation. 
Here we are, at approximately 4:30 p.m. on June 30, 2007. 

This weekend, on June 28, which also happens to be my parents anniversary, I attended a wedding at the same church I was married in and it really brought me back to our wedding and all the details like laughing in the church basement with my bridesmaids in the same Sunday School assembly room where I spent many childhood Sunday mornings practicing songs for our mediocre church performances and talking to the late coming guests in the back of the church as I waited to walk down the aisle. I'll never forget finally entering the church and being in disbelief at seeing every pew full and even people sitting in folding chairs in the very back and feeling so amazed that people were there for us. 

In honor of the day, Justin presented me with a newly released Billy Turner Miami Dolphins tshirt!  Dolphin turquoise is definitely my color.  It is especially fitting because of Billy's number:

Seven years...77...get it?  Hehehe...
I decided to get him an Oreo Blizzard cake from Dairy Queen and when I was in there this morning with Ben and Tessa two older ladies were having lunch and one of them noticed and complimented my wedding ring!  It was really a fun coincidence.  Of course, I had to tell them it was our anniversary and we all had a laugh. 
I just looked up the traditional anniversary gift for a 7th anniversary and it is wool or copper.  Hmmmm...wool...I think I can handle is an idea...
It's from JCrew and who knows how much it costs because it is not in their current inventory (wrong season) but I would guess around $300.  I think I would look pretty cute at tailgating with that on!

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