Monday, June 16, 2014

Tessa at 7 Months

Yesterday the 15th of the month came around again which means Tessa has added another month to her life.  They days are long and the years are short, the saying goes, in reference to the blur of the baby and toddler years and yes they are. 
Tessa is truly crawling now.  She has been moving around for awhile by "worming" and dragging and wiggling but she really moves now and goes for things she wants and also tries to follow me around.  She still just has the two bottom teeth which came through almost three months ago now.  She likes to roll around on the floor while squeezing a plush toy or doll and she also really likes her brother's tractors.  Her favorite for some reason is his cultivator attachment.  She is a good sleeper at night and usually wakes up happy and talks to herself in the crib until someone comes to get her.  She is pretty uninterested in baby food and it mostly just oozes out the sides of her mouth when I feed her.  (Yay...another kid who doesn't eat..)  She likes baths and watching the water pour out of the faucet.   
Yesterday I was at my parent's farm and took some pictures of Tessa in their new and finished but still empty house.  It was nice to just plop her down and not have to worry about moving a bunch of clutter and garish plastic toys out of the way. 

She's getting better at sitting but prefers to play by rolling around in all directions.  Now that she can sit up I intend to have their photos taken professionally.  I see cute newborn pictures online and I feel kind of bad that I never had her pictures taken as a newborn.  I have been telling myself I would do it when she can sit up so now I need to find someone and get on that. 

She looks like she might be happy here but she actually wasn't!

Poor girl!

Of course, yesterday was also Father's Day which is the perfect reason to share this picture I took a few weeks ago! 

It was a perfect shot and then Ben decided he wanted to take off right when I got the camera out.

I love Tessa's face here.  It sums up her whole life with her brother.

And here is an old classic of me and Tim G.!
Sweet Converses!

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