Friday, June 13, 2014

Justin the Model

As I mentioned before, Justin graduated from an accelerated MBA program at the University of Mary back in May.  He's gotten to know someone who does marketing for Mary as they have attended the same conferences and other work related events and he was asked to be in a photo shoot to use for promotional materials for the MBA program!  Yesterday afternoon he wore a shirt with his company's logo on it and posed for indoor and outdoor photos that will be used in brochures and that sort of thing.  I hope they send him the pictures just for fun but of course he didn't ask about any details. 

Promotional materials for institution of higher education are predictable and also amusing if you have any idea about the background of the people featured. For example, one of my sorority sisters in college was featured on the front of a dining services brochure.  We got a lot of laughs over it.  It wasn't funny because it was a bad picture or anything (they would never put a  bad picture on a brochure!) it was just funny because we knew her and she thought it was funny too.  Of all the 12,000 students on campus...what are the odds it would be a friend on the cover?! 

I still can't help but roll my eyes when thinking about the promotional brochure (very glossy and like a magazine!) for law school that was printed when I was there.  Every page was filled with polished and professional looking students talking with professors and engaging each other in what appeared to be stimulating legal arguments and discussions.  If you were diverse in any way you were guaranteed to be in the book.  Not surprisingly, there are no candid shots of 23 year old women with disheveled hair and wearing Ugg boots and American Eagle sweatshirts while clutching a bottle of Diet Coke in the 2006-2007 brochure.  I roll my eyes at it because I can almost be certain that the students sitting in a study room in the middle of a legal analysis are actually talking about something dumb like a TV show or some sort of gossip or what food court restaurant had the lunch special that day.  And of course, the photos would be taken on days when people would have had reason to wear suits which was usually one or two days every semester. 

Hopefully we will know soon where Justin's pictures will end up.  I just looked on the website for the MBA program but all the pictures on there were of University buildings.  They better send us the print materials when they are ready!

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