Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cola Colors

As I was pedaling along and getting nowhere on the elliptical machine this morning, I was spacing out and reading a "Glamour" magazine that happened to be the current July issue that someone had already discarded.  One of the first ads in the front was an OPI nail lacquer ad.  OPI is a common nail salon brand and also is sold anywhere nail polish is sold from salons to Target.  I have several colors and not because I think it is better than cheaper polish but because you can often find it on clearance because OPI comes out with fun new collections every season based around places, popular musicians and movies.  Now, it seems, the went THERE and based a collection on my beloved Coca Cola products.  I am a long time Coke drinker and I have a childhood collection of Coke trinkets stored away at home.  A few of them are strategically placed around my house.  That pop of red always adds some fun to a room! 
OPI Coca-Cola Nail Polish Collection

Would you look at these?!  The red, silver and "fizzy" blackish color are obvious but I wasn't sure how the rest tied in.  I guess the cream and pink are for vanilla coke, one of the purple colors is for cherry coke and the other purple and sparkly orange represent Fanta.  Now, because I am a sucker, I am going on the hunt for these regardless of if they are full price or not.  I really want the cola color and maybe the silver but there is a pack of mini bottles with all the colors I might accept if I can find it in a store!  So, Ben and Tessa, how would you feel about a trip to Fargo so I can go to Ulta?


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