Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Trying To Pack

Everyone keeps asking me if we are getting ready to move and if we have started packing.  This is the scene in one corner of our garage. 

The boxes are there, the newspapers are there but notice that none of them are packed.  We have 12 days to go! More accurately, we have 11 days because our first closing on this house is at 8:00 a.m. on Monday morning of the 26th.  So we will certainly be out the night before except maybe Allan will spend one last night in the empty house.  I don't like it...I think it will be sad to come back and see it empty and know that in an hour or two new people will take over and we can't go back.  So much finality. 

The garden is still productive.  Zucchini season is still high.  I picked four today and Justin spent an afternoon over the weekend shredding and freezing many of them for baking purposes.  I gave two to my backyard neighbor and we still have plenty to eat.  Now the tomatoes are starting to ripen in larger quantities.  This is my bucket from my visit this morning. 

They don't look ripe but many of the cherry tomatoes are a variety that ripens yellow.  The red ones are on the bottom.  I am trying to enjoy them while they last because they might not.  I saw a story on the local news that talked about how a lot of gardeners were dealing with a tomato blight where the leaves start getting spots and turning yellow from the bottom of the plant up which doesn't hurt the tomatoes themselves but eventually affects the yields.  I am sad to admit that our plants are looking a bit blighty, if that is a word at all.  I hope they stay productive.  They are so tall and were so robust and it would be a shame to lose them. 
OK, I better go try to pack...I brought a few boxes in to fill while Ben sleeps.  They are on the kitchen table, taunting me.  I will probably have a piece of zucchini cake first and read CNN to get my latest Egypt meltdown update and THEN I will pack a few boxes. 

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