Thursday, August 15, 2013

Horrible Parenting Moment

So...does everyone remember this ball? 
It has been about a month since it came to our house and it is still a popular toy that is used every day, many times a day, and talked about as soon as it comes into view.  We play with it indoors and outdoors.  Well, I am sad to say that I have to refer to it in the past tense now.  This afternoon, after Ben crashed in his crib, I came out of the bathroom, glanced out the living room window in passing, and noticed this...

It took a moment to register that whatever that yellow thing was looked rubber and had orange stripes like Ben's ball and then I remembered that I had left it outside behind the house when we came in to have lunch.  It's not really windy but all it would take is a slight breeze to send that thing into motion. 
I went out the retrieve it and my fears were confirmed...

Poor ball!  I have removed the evidence so he can't see it when he wakes up.  My plan for this evening, along with maybe attending the final night of public swimming at the Bismarck pools for the season, now includes a trip to a store to buy another ball. 
I could be so much worse...that ball was not the only very special orange striped thing in this house that we need to protect from traffic! 

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