Monday, August 12, 2013


This weekend Ben was pestering me as I was getting ready between the bathroom and bedroom and making a game out of running into the room I wasn't in and shutting the door behind him.  I finally gave up and let him play because I needed to be somewhere and wanted him to amuse himself so I could get myself together and he proceeded to lock himself in the bathroom. 

YIKES!  The door doesn't actually lock but he pulled a heavy drawer filled with hair styling tools open in front of the door so it could only open a tiny crack!  We were aghast and had no idea what to do.  I thought of using a wire hanger under the door to close the drawer but Justin thought the drawer was too heavy.  We didn't really feel like breaking anything since we have to turn this place over to someone else in two weeks.  Justin went to the garage to try to come up with a solution and I grabbed a sturdy wire hanger from the closet, bent it in half, and swept it under the door.  To my delight, the drawer slid shut and I was in!  If that hadn't worked who knows what we would have come up with.  Fortunately, Ben had no idea any of this was going on and was perfectly fine playing in there.  Now I am paranoid about it happening again and try to keep the bathroom door shut at all times.  At least I know the hanger trick works. 

He also got to try on some football gear at Scheels on Friday.  He has some growing to do before the youth small helmet will fit!  Actually, he would have preferred not to wear it at all. I hope we didn't turn him off to football for life! 

Notice the pinned down hands preventing him from throwing that thing off as fast as he could!

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