Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Preparing to Say Goodbye...

As we prepare to move I am getting more nostalgic.  A few nights ago I tried to take a picture of the house near dark with all the lights on to see if I could capture a glow. 
They look OK...I had to hurry because I feel awkward standing in the front yard with a camera on a tripod as traffic whizzes by.  I think it would have worked better if there were more windows. 
OK, I need to get to work.  I truly cannot get ANYTHING done when Ben is awake.  When he finally goes to sleep I have to first do the regular cleaning that must be done (only five days left until we have a dishwasher!) because when I try to clean up after lunch he climbs on the table and starts throwing everything on the floor.  Then I have to sweep up all the crap he threw on the floor during breakfast and lunch so the floor doesn't feel like a sandbox.  Then I can finally start packing boxes.  Last night Justin and I stayed up two hours after he went to bed hauling loads of crap out of here and into the garage.  I need to get busy now.  I will try to update one last time before we move, even if it is a quick post from my phone saying goodbye to the house.  We are getting our Internet and cable set up right away on the day we move in so we won't be without Internet for long. 
Before I go, for all of you family members who are more interested in Ben than anything else...this morning I was in the bathroom going one last time before leaving the house because I can't go twenty minutes without doing so.  There is a child care provider at the Y who is due the day before me.  She has two pre-school age daughters and she said she always insists that they use the bathroom before leaving to go anywhere and then inevitably she ends up dragging them to the bathroom so she can go as soon as they get anywhere!  That is exactly how it is for me.  I was going "one last time" and when I came out Ben had put his own shoes on! 


  was so cute.  I praised him for being a big boy, so smart, etc. even though they were on the wrong feet and the Velcro was off kilter.  He thinks he's big!  Although I think it will be awhile before he truly can handle this by himself these signs of independence are so promising! 

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